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ArthurKill is a combination of Hard Rock and Alternative with a little Metal sprinkled on top! Spawned from the depths of Staten Island, New York, a place best known for the biggest garbage dump on the East Coast, and a pit stop between the bright lights of the big city and the Jersey Shore, Arthurkill has risen to become one of New York City's best kept little secrets.

The new CD, 'Addiction', consists of ten songs that jump out at you and claw at your skin. The lyrics are in your face, the guitars are huge, and the sound is monstrous. Current events and life experiences inspire their lyrics. Mixed into all of this are melodies that draw the listener in to each song. The choruses explode in your face with hooks that keep you singing. Just when you think you have heard their best song, they hit you with another.

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ArthurKill - Addiction - 2004ArthurKill - Addiction CD

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