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Artist Services

Our distribution does not interfere in any way with any of the other companies you may already be distributing through as we are an entirely in-house operation and do not farm out the distribution of your music.  You may distribute your CD through us and exclude any or all songs from digital distribution by sending us an exclusion list.

There has never been a better time to distribute your music through us!  Bent Music artists have been exclusively featured on Philips Electronics devices since 2006.  These devices are distributed world wide to millions of Philips customers.  It is a great way to get your music heard by millions targeted customers.  Each player contains an advertising insert from Bent Music so that the customer knows where they can purchase your music.  (Due to licensing restrictions in Europe only North American Artists will be considered for this promotion.)

Bent Music receives over 60,000 visits (not to be confused with hits) a month from all over the world and that number is growing.  We provide free reciprocal links to independent artists, music, concert venues, and many helpful links for musicians where they can find sites to list themselves, link with, play at, or get airplay from.

We offer an on-line store where the artist keeps all but $3.00 CAD of the any item with a list price of under $20.00 CAD and are now accepting applications from artists to sell their CD's, Tickets and Swag.  The set up fees are  $30.00 CAD for each artist and their CD, and $15.00 CAD for each additional item for the same artist (additional items can be a CD, Artwork, Swag or any Merch related to the artist), which can be charged to a Master Card, Visa, or Amex.  Once you become a Bent Music artist you may also sell your concert tickets at no extra charge.  (This service is currently only open to Canadian residents and you must provide us with the tickets and the same pricing rules apply as for any other item sold through us.)

We will set up digital sales at no extra cost for CD's being set up for distribution through our on-line store.  This means that we will also sell your music on a pay per song basis.  Songs will be sold for $.99 CAD each and you will receive $.70 CAD per song sold.  If you wish to set up digital sales only the set up fees are $30.00 for the first 10 songs or less and $1.00 for each song over the initial 10 songs.

We report all sales of CD's with bar codes to Sound Scan both in Canada and the US.  If you have a bar coded CD and are not yet registered with Sound Scan we will do it for you.

The Artist/Band's Gigs are listed on our Concert Calendar, on their own personal Artist/Band Page, and will be included in our News Letters.  The artist/band CD will be advertised/announced to our mailing list, and be placed in the featured artist section of the Front Page during the month following your sign-up. We also rotate through our artists to feature one each month in our news letter by providing a free digital download from that artist.  We will place a link to your site on our Links Page and the Artist/Band Page. Artists may link to and will sell their CD's, songs, and items from our Store and from their personal Artist/Band Page that we will provide and maintain for them.  The artists songs will also be ranked based on the number of people listening them and be included in our charts.  We publish the Top Ten Songs on our Front Page and our Top 100 Songs updated once a month. We also hold contests in order to promote and generate interest in our artists and from time to time will put together some showcase performances provided there is enough interest from our artists to participate.

To be considered for inclusion in our catalogue please send a link where we can preview your music to   Although we accept every genre of music not all applicants are suitable for inclusion in Bent Music. If you are not accepted please do not become discouraged as it does not mean that you are not talented or lack potential.

We currently are not providing any recording contracts.

Bent Music Classifieds

*This Service Is Free For Bent Music Artists*

Promote Your Gigs, Live Venue, Rehearsal Space, Sell Instruments, Look for Band Members, Offer Your Services!!!


Classified Ads - To place an ad please call or send an email with your name phone number and email address and we will contact you to set up your ad. The cost of placing an ad is $5.00 CAD per week / $15.00 per month / $120.00 per year which can be charged to your Master Card or Visa. / 416-702-6694

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