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Bent Music is an Independent Music Store, On-line distributor, Independent Record Label and Musician's Resource bent on helping independent artists get their music out to the public while keeping as much of the control and the capitol in the artists hands as possible.

Know what you are buying before you add it to your cart! Listen to our LONGER CLIPS! We know that being Independent means that you may not have heard our music on the radio or on TV so we give you a sample of music that is long enough for you to know exactly what the song sounds like so that you may make an informed purchase. We also provide you with an absolute guarantee of quality!

Purchase Independent Artists CD's, MP3's, Concert Tickets, and Swag/Merch Safely over our SECURE SERVER. Find Links to and information on Independent artists, Concerts, Live Music Venues,, Festivals,, Radio Stations,, Music Publications,, Musician's Resources, and other Music Sites.. Visit our Classifieds to find places for rent, live music listings, musicians wanted or available, rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and music equipment.

Bent Music has been in existence since 1999. The BenT Music web site has been in existence since 2003 and the Bent Music On-line Store opened it's doors in January of 2004.  In May of 2005 Bent Music launched Digital Distribution or Pay Per Song as yet another way to get independent music out to the public. In 2006 Philips Electronics began working exclusively with Bent Music and has put Bent Music Artists on Philips' MP3 Players, MP3 Phones, and Multimedia Devices being sold to millions world wide today.

Bent Music was born out of the idea to provide Independent Artists with an alternative way to sell their music while keeping the cost to the Artist as low as possible thereby allowing the Artist to make the money from the sales of their CD's, MP3's, Tickets, and Merch/Swag. We wanted to provide a place where Independent Artists could network by linking with us, other artists, or other independent music sites and to provide both musicians and music lovers with a vast network of resources to find information, help and new music they might not otherwise have been exposed to. We hope that during your visit you will find information and independent music of interest to you and that you will visit us often as we update the site quite frequently.

We thank those who make purchases from the Bent Music Store for supporting Independent Music and even if you don't purchase anything we hope you find a new artist to listen to. During your stay please take the opportunity to join Our Mailing List so that you may receive our monthly news letter announcing new artists and offering discounts on shows and music, and a free Digital Music Download with each mailing.

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